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Additional Services

Roberts Carpet and Upholstery Care offers many additional services that home and business owners/managers should be aware of.

Carpet and Fabric Protectors

Carpet, rug, and fabric protection can and should be re-applied (when necessary) after cleaning. These protectors provide an invisible barrier on your furnishings to protect them from spots, spills, and rapid resoiling. A simple demonstration will show you the benefit. These protectors help extend the wear life of your furnishings, saving you money by not having to replace items early. They won’t wear out as fast when protector is applied.  Vacuuming is easier. Soils do not adhere to the fibers. If a spill occurs, you have time to clean it, normally without permanent staining.

Oriental and Specialty Rug Cleaning

Roberts Carpet and Upholstery Care has safely cleaned hundreds of Oriental and Specialty rugs. All cleaning is done in your home or office area. Many of these rugs are made from natural fiber and extreme care and safety procedures must be followed. Prior to cleaning, all colors are tested for a color-fast test, to make sure colors do not run, fade, bleed, or streak. When a rug with unstable colors is identified, the homeowner/manager is immediately notified and options discussed. I will NOT clean any rug whose colors are unstable.  Additionally, natural fiber rugs often give off a specific odor when cleaned or when wet. This “wet dog” odor will dissipate in  a short period of  time.

Leather Cleaning

Finished leather furniture is easily cleaned, reconditioned and buffed. Prior to any cleaning, the leather is first tested.

Spot Removal

Most spots and some stains will come out during the cleaning process. Those that remain may need the use of professional strength spotting products. Spot removal and general cleaning are two separate processes. A spot you can normally feel. A stain is most often permanent because the dyes in the fibers have been altered; either color has been added, or removed. Spot/stain removal is NOT a guaranteed service. However, you will receive my best efforts to address your spotting problems.

Professional Strength Spotter

At the conclusion of cleaning, a FREE bottle of Spotter is given to the home/business owner. This product is stronger and safer than most products purchased through retail stores.

Odor Control

Odors are caused by a number of factors, including food, pets, etc. Some are easily corrected and others are not. Roberts Carpet and Upholstery Care has products available to address many of these issues.

Furniture Moving

Once a cleaning is scheduled, home/business owners and managers are asked to move any small, easily moved items to another location. I have industry specific tools and sliders to help me move sofas, chairs, etc. For large items, ex. Entertainment centers, hutches, etc., I will clean around these. Anything I can move safely, I will. If there is a chance of any item being damaged during movement, or injuring me, it will not be moved. There is NO additional charge for moving furniture.

Air Movers

These are basically large floor fans, used to speed the drying process of your furnishings. When possible, one or more will be left overnight with the home or business owner/manager, to ensure your carpets, rugs, or furniture are dried as fast as possible. I do NOT charge extra for this service.

“Beautiful Home” Appearance Protection Plan

Fiber manufacturers recommend a thorough cleaning every 12-18 months based on the number of people in the home, pets, children, smokers, etc., to remove damaging soils, oils, pollutants, dust, dander, and more. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also has industry cleaning recommendations for healthy Indoor Air Quality.

This program helps you by keeping your furnishings clean longer and your living environment healthy. You breathe easier with clean carpets, rugs, and furniture.

When a home owner agrees to an annual cleaning, a six month, interim, traffic area only cleaning is conducted and carpet protector is applied. No furniture is moved by the cleaner. The homeowner may move any items they choose out of the area. Only open areas are cleaned. The homeowner pays only for the Carpet Protector. At the annual cleaning, the carpet protector is re-applied FREE of charge. Ask Chuck for more details.

Client Referral Rewards Program

All clients are automatically enrolled in this program.  A client who refers a person or business that schedules and conducts a cleaning, will receive a monetary reward from Roberts Carpet and Upholstery Care. This is just a small way of saying “Thank You” to those who support my business.


Various discounts are offered throughout the year to both new customers and current clients. Again, this is another way of saying “Thank You” to those who support Roberts Carpet and Upholstery Care.


Periodic articles are written to help home and business owners with tips, suggestions, and helpful information. These can be found on this web site, my Facebook business page at and on in their Home and Garden section.

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Posted: Tue Mar 17th
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Posted: Thu Feb 12th
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Barbara Champney - Grantham, NH
I just wanted you to know that the lady who bought my condo at Norton Potters in Bennington called to ask me if we had just put in new rugs. Those rugs were eleven years old. Thank you for doing such a beautiful cleaning job. I think people like to know when their work is appreciated.
Betsy Wolf, Williamstown, MA May ‘17
I am most satisfied with your service and will not be using any other.
Janet and Paul Carter, Dalton, MA
The service we received was exceptional once again! Our rugs and couch looked brand new! We were thoroughly thrilled with your service and will continue to use your service as well as recommend you to others!
Marcia Hendery, Bennington, VT
I was very satisfied with the service Mr. Roberts provided, from the phone, to the introductory visit to the day of cleaning my rugs. I highly recommend Chuck’s business to anyone in need of cleaning services.
Carole Foist, Pownal, VT May 17
I am so pleased with the look of my carpets when you are through with your process. I wouldn’t think of using any other service. Our carpets look cleaner than they have in a long time. Thank you.
Dr. Karen Lartin, Williamstown, MA
Would highly recommend Roberts Carpet & Upholstery Care!