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Roberts Carpet and Upholstery Care is still servicing clients! Guidelines have been established to keep you and me safe, according to state and federal guidelines. Please call if I can help you.

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We are a proud VonSchrader company

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Our Cleaning Technologies

Carpet Cleaning

Roberts Carpet & Upholstery Care specifically selected the internationally renowned Von Schrader® cleaning system because it is a true low moisture cleaning system. Let’s face it, no home or business owner wants to be inconvenienced for 1-3 days due to wet or soggy, carpets, rugs, and/or furniture. The Von Schrader® low moisture Advanced Air Cell with Encapsulation Technology system, has only a 10% moisture content. This means there is no chance of over wetting your furnishings. No chance of causing damage to the carpet fibers, backing, padding, or flooring underneath. No chance of mold or mildew growing. This is a SAFE cleaning system designed and manufactured by Racine Industries in Racine, WI, in business since 1935. Made in the USA.

Extend the Wear Life of Your Carpet and Rugs and Improve your Indoor Air Quality

Fact. Your carpet is a filter. It traps all the airborne particles that float in the air from pollen, dust, pet dander, smoke, cooking odors, etc. It also traps and holds soils, pollutants, oils, tar, dirt, etc. that we track in from the outside. Your carpet, as a filter, needs regular cleaning just like any other filter – vacuum, heating and ventilation, automobile, dryers, etc. Each time we change our filters, or clean them, the operating system improves. Same with your carpet.

When you clean your carpet and rugs on a regular basis, you are removing damaging soils and particulates, and extending the wear life of the product, thus saving you money. A healthy carpet leads to a healthier indoor living environment. With all the pollutants, pollen, dust, dirt, etc., removed, your Indoor Air Quality improves which means you breathe easier and FEEL better!

Safe for people, pets, carpet, upholstery and the environment

Upholstery Cleaning

The Von Schrader® upholstery cleaning system uses the same technology as the carpet cleaning system. This cleaning process uses gentle, biodegradable, non-toxic and fragrance –free cleaning products. All are Green Seal Certified. There is no oily or sticky residue left on the fabric to attract and hold soils. Fluffy low moisture foam suspends soils and oils separated on your fabric by soft, gentle nylon counter-rotating brushes. Dirt and foam are then removed by the powerful vacuum action.

Your furniture dries faster because of the low moisture content. In addition, I use a combination of hand-held dryer and air movers to speed your drying process.

The Von Schrader® cleaning system safely cleans most fabric covered furnishings including Haitian Cotton, brocades, tapestry, velvet, cotton, and more, including leather! And prior to cleaning any fabric, I perform a colorfast test to make sure no colors of the fabric “run” or “bleed.”



Our Cleaning Equipment

LMX Low Moisture Extraction System

Low Moisturre Extraction System

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Esprit™ Low Moisture Soil Extraction Upholstery Cleaning Stystem

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Beverly Hosokawa, Great Barrington, MA
Very happy customer for many years!
Mary MacDonald - Williamstown, MA
Chuck’s work is thorough and professional. After he has left, and I see my newly deep cleaned rugs, I ask “why am I not scheduling more regular cleanings?” They look amazing.
Dr. Karen Lartin, Williamstown, MA
Would highly recommend Roberts Carpet & Upholstery Care!
Frani Miceli, Williamstown, MA Apr 17
Thanks again for another great cleaning Chuck!
Carla and Pieter Ruig, Dalton, MA Mar ‘17
Couch looked like new
Becky Goyette, Adams, MA
After using Roberts Carpet and Upholstery Care’s services, we will never call anyone else. Our carpets and furniture look brand new after they have been here.